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Stiffness Tester

Sasmira stiffness tester is used to measure stiffness of fabrics.

Sasmira Crease Recovery Tester is used for rapid determination of crease resistance of fabrics.

Conforms to national & international specifications like IS 6490-1971.

The instrument is developed to international specifications (IS 4681-1981, BS 3086 - 1972).

The results are expressed in terms of bending length, which in turn could be used to calculate flexural rigidity and bending modulus of fabrics.

The results are expressed in terms of crease recovery angles under specified loading and recovery conditions.

The instrument is compact and portable.

Simple and compact

Easy to operate.

Acrylic plates and suitable weights provided for loading.


Mounted on a sturdy base.

Sasmira Yarn Appearance Winder is designed for rapid inspection of non-uniformity in yarns.

Sasmira Launderometer is used for evaluating colour fastness to washing of the dyed and printed textiles.

The instrument is designed to international specifications, ASTMD 2255 1979.

The instrument is designed to follow a number of standard procedures (ASTM D3557, AATCC 107-1975)

The appearace of the wrap board after wrapping the yarn is compared directly with ASTM standard photograph. The quality of the yearn is thus judged in an objective way

Unit comes with 8 SS Jars of 500 ml. Capacity And gaskets.

Change over for different wraps/inch in case of different counts by simple shifting of the belt.

Entire spider assembly made of non-corrosives Stainless steel.

Sturdy Metallic base to avoid vibration.

Spring lock arrangement for fixing the jars.

Motorised model also available

Electric motor with reduction gear to give 40-+ 2 rpm.


70 ltr. Capacity stainless steel bath.


Proper inlet and drains provided.


Digital temperature controller.


Adjustable timer controller.

Sasmira Twist tester is used to determine the direction and amount of twist in yarn.

Sasmira Crimp Rigidity Tester is used to determine the bulking potential of texturised yarns.

Conforms to ASTM D-1422-76.

The instrument is based on HATRA+ test method.

Suitable for both single and double yarn.

The tester can be used for both polyamide and polyester texturised yarns.

Sturdy metallic base.

Instrument mounted on a sturdy metal base. Compact and portable.

Four digit electronic display.

Heating arrangement for measurement of hot Crimp contraction.

Autostop and counter arrest facility for single yarn test.


Tension range 1-100 gms to cover all counts.


Sasmira crimp tester is used to measure percentage crimp in yarns. It can also be used for measuring p

Sasmira wrap reel is used for preparing leas to determine count and leas strength of the yarns.

The instrment mounted on a sturdy base

The instrument conforms to ASTM standard D1578.

Tension range of 0-35 Gms. Additional weights provided for extending the range to 0-175 Gms.

Motorised using an electric motor. Arrangement for making 6-12 leas at a time.


Circumference of the reel 54".


Select switch for 80 rev. or 40 rev.


Yarn tensioning device using sliding arrangement.



Sasmira Crock Meter is used for rapid determination of fastness of dyed and printed textiles to dry and wet rubbing.

Sasmira Spray Tester is used for measuring the water repellent efficiency of finishes applied to the fabric.

The instrument conforms to AATCC B-1969, IS-766 - 1988

In this test a small scale mock rain shower is produced by pouring water through a spray nozzle.

Rubbing finger of brass.

The material is rated between 100 to 0 as per AATCC standards for degree of wetting.

A four digit counter.


A sturdy aluminum base.


Loading arm moves mounted on ball bearings to minimise friction.


Sasmira Pilling Tester is used for rapid determination of pilling of woven or knitted fabrics with soft spun and filament yarns.

Sasmira Hydrostatic Dome/head Tester is single unit intended for determining for both water proofness of medium and heavy fabrics such as tentage, water bags, tarpaulins, etc. which have more water repulsive power, as well as the resistance offered by a fabric to water penetration under static pressure.

The instrument is developed to international specifications.

Both test values are determined in accordance with Indian Standards and other specified Standards.

The appearance of the test specimen is also compared with standard samples to classify the fabrics for their pilling resistance(ICI Standards).

The base and dome are of non-corrosive metal.

Light weight wooden construction with a sturdy base

Both hydrostatic head test and dome test perform with litter modification.

A preset counter provided for setting the number of revolutions

Over flow tube provided for the head test.

Sasmira Thermal Conductivity Apparatus is essentially useful for comparing the Thermal Insulation properties of Materials. Sasmira Perspirometer+ is used for rapid determination of colour fastness to perspiration of dyed and printed textiles.
The Apparatus is based on Niven's Hot Plate method The instrument meets the need of equality woolmark scheme for the international wool secretariat and conforms to IS 971-1983.
Guard box provided to prevent radial heat loss. The change in colour and staining is assessed as per the international geometric grey scale of the staining of white cotton/wool.
Temperature of hot plate and Guard box controlled using Thermostats. Sturdy non-corrosive SS frame with suitable loading device.
Digital display for temperature indication. 21 acrylic plates of dimensions 10 cms.x 4 cms.
  2 units, 1 for acidic,1 for alkali.

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